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Hi, I’m Suzie Sawyer and I’m a Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about helping you to …….

    • Increase your energy and vitality for life
    • Address a range of health concerns which may affect the quality of your life and your longevity
    • Get your diet and lifestyle back on track
    • Increase your self esteem and confidence
    • Provide greater knowledge and understanding of nutrition

and motivate YOU through education and empowerment to make the necessary and lasting changes.

Who I work with

I work with individuals, blue-chip companies, PR and Media Agencies and Publishing Houses for National and Trade Press.

I have gained a wide range of experience within the world of nutrition over the last 16 years and specialise in helping women with nutritional programmes in order to support their health and wellbeing through every stage of their lives.

Additionally, I have worked extensively within the food supplement industry in terms of formulating, providing high level regulatory input and understanding manufacturing processes. This enables me to both advise individuals effectively during my one-to-one consultations but also to work alongside organisations within the industry, supporting them with my technical expertise.

How I work

Whilst I have helped many people, specifically women of all ages with tailored nutrition plans to promote better health and wellbeing, you need to feel comfortable that I’m right for you. That’s the most important thing. Generally, we would have an initial chat over the phone, or an email exchange before booking a consultation or if you’re a company needing my expertise, making an appointment for an initial chat.

A questionnaire is available to download or email directly to me before having a one-to-one consultation.


Why I can help you ……..

  • Clinical Nutritionist – highly experienced – many people’s health and lives have been changed for the better
  • Regulatory Expert – worked with many of the UK’s top food supplement manufacturers. Currently working with Nature’s Way and developing a new range of soft jell multi-vitamins (Alive!) now sold in Holland & Barrett
  • Health Writer – numerous articles published in both the trade and consumer press
  • TV and Media – guest presenter on QVC, fully experienced at providing interviews for journalists both on live and recorded TV and media

Contact Me

Get in touch today!

Call me today on 07879 477811 or email me suzie@nutritionlifestyle.co.uk twitter

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